Custom Gift Caricatures

Gift Caricatures

Delight and surprise your family with a flatteringly unique Family Caricature

Say goodbye to ugly caricatures! These cutesy commemorations are designed to delight. Bring your family closer together  in a uniquely bright and joyful style everyone will love.

  • Framed + posted or emailed to you within 3-5 business days
  • 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days
  • Free express post anywhere in Australia (No overseas postage)
  • Digital print file can be printed at any size from business card to billboard
  • Special requests welcome
  • Super fast turnaround – completed and posted in 1 – 5 business days
  • All caricatures by local Gold Coast Australia artist Tane Richardson

How it works

Gift Caricature StepsAfter you place your order via the form below, you’ll be asked to email me 2-3 photographs of the person(s) you’d like me to draw.

Gift Caricature Steps 2In 1-5 business days your awesome new gift caricature will be mailed to you by express post, laminated and beautifully framed in A4 size.

Gift Caricature Steps 3Oh yeah. It’s that easy.

Gift Caricatures Features

Gift Caricatures

Gift Caricature


Gift caricatures, family caricatures and corporate caricatures

Have a question or special request? Hit me up on live chat or email me here.

  • Digital copy emailed to you for printing at any size OR
  • Printed and framed at A4 + free express postage to you anywhere in Australia + Free digital copy
  • Pay securely via Mastercard, Visa and Paypal

Faces % Discount Price (Framed) Price (Email Only)
1 $80 $60
2 10% $160 $120
3 15% $240 $180
4 20% $320 $240
5+ 25% $400 $300

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Product Details

  • Printable File Via Email option gives you a high quality digital copy of the caricature emailed to you for printing at your leisure. Print file can be printed at any size – even billboard size without loss of quality.
  • Framed + Postage option gives you a beautifully laminated and framed in A4 size– a gift guaranteed to delight (PLUS bonus free printable file emailed to you).


  • Flatteringly unique, stylish and funny family caricature
  • All faces presented on the one image for printing convenience
  • 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days (in the unlikely event that someone doesn’t like it!)
  • Free express post anywhere in Australia! *No overseas postage
  • Super fast turnaround – completed and sent in 1 – 5 business days
  • Graduation, birthday or anniversary? Special requests welcome
  • Pay securely via Mastercard, Visa and Paypal
  • All caricatures by local Gold Coast Australia artist Tane Richardson


Gift Caricature
Family Caricature
Gift Caricature
Family Caricature
Family Caricature
Family Caricature
Gift Caricature


Gift Caricature
Family Caricature

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialAmazing and unique caricatures, always professional and always 100% ecstatic to see what he does next! – P. Dickinson, Gold Coast

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialAbsolutely brilliant artist. These caricatures are consistently hilarious, accurate and drawn with lightning speed. 11/10 stars! W. Norton, Sydney

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialBrilliant caricatures done quick! Amazing speed and colour quality. It’s hard to find a caricature artist who will also colour at this speed. And so cheap too! Great gift idea and receiving it digitally makes it more versatile and easy to print/frame. Very flexible and creative, a great artist! – J. Perry, East Coast

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialMe and my partner were looking for a cool way to announce our first baby and we absolutely loved the result. We had so many positive comments regarding the artwork, it really made things fun. The artist was awesome and made some great artistic choices that made the piece special. More than we could have ever hoped for. – J. Perry, Sydney

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialThis guy is an amazing cartoonist/caricaturist and a very good graphic designer. He is brilliant at putting on the exact facial expressions of the client onto his character and making the character look very comedic yet giving it the precise realism to the character.
Five stars from me. – J. Heilpern, Sydney

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialCool and fun caricatures done by an incredibly talented artist. Gave it a go to see how it would turn out and was super impressed. Would reccommend highly as a unique and thoughtful gift either for a loved one or yourself. Thanks again Tané, always a pleasure. – T. Magnay, Byron Bay

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialI have always been a big fan of Tane’s artwork and his caricatures are no exception. If you’re looking for the perfect personalised gift for someone, look no further! A. White, Brisbane

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialGreat service! Great value. Very happy with my caricature. C. Bowden, Gold Coast

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialYou won’t find better anywhere. This guy is The Bomb when it comes to caricatures. An awesome gift for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… – T. Hollis, North Coast

Valentines Day Caricature TestimonialI was blown away with this talent of transforming myself into a caricature!! This amazing artist was able to portray my characteristics that were easily recognisable to my features. If you are interested in getting your portrait done as a Caricature go no further! Completed within just a couple of days J. Rooney, Melbourne