I'm Tane. Great to meet you

Tane RichardsonWho my name is

My name is Tane Richardson. I’m a designer / illustrator living in Kingscliff NSW Australia. I’ve been working as a professional web & design freelancer for over 7 years. I recently shrugged off all my web design work to pursue my passion for digital caricature.

Wot’s all this then?

Explode Creative is the name under which I create beautiful digital caricatures to surprise and delight. My digital caricatures have been developed into a style that flatters the subject in a funny and bright way. The cartoony style of the drawings takes the edge off so even the most self-conscious people can enjoy them.

This is a small local business based in Kingscliff NSW Australia. Contact me if you have any enquiries. I would love to hear from you.


  • 2 year study Diploma of Graphic Design
  • 2 year study Diploma of Multimedia and Web Technology
  • 7+ years industry experience working in teams and studios
  • Selected for ArtExpress, with a digital animation project shown in major art galleries nationwide


I’m easy going and approachable, and I enjoy nothing more than creating caricatures your friends will love.

My passion is to teach, learn and create endlessly. I also provide tutoring and graphic design.