My name is Tane.
I offer personal tutoring at your own pace.


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One-to-One or Group Tutoring

Whether you’re a business owner hoping to acquire the skills to create your own advertising graphics, a student struggling with heavy assignments or an aspiring hobbyist, my tutoring is personal and tailored to your needs. Teaching is my greatest passion above all. I offer one-to-one tutoring in person or via Skype. I also run regular workshops on drawing cartoons and digital media. Get in touch to find out how I can help you achieve your goals. I teach Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, how to create print and web graphics, video editing, illustration, caricature and more.

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Tutoring Tasmania

Wordpress TutoringWordPress Tutoring

Take control of your WordPress website and save money on developers. It’s easier than it sounds. If you’re a business owner, blogger, hobbyist or studying, contact me to learn WordPress one-to-one the easy way at your pace, focusing on what you want to learn. One-to-one WordPress tutoring is $60 per hour.

WordPress Tutoring

Photoshop TutoringPhotoshop Tutoring

Master the art of image manipulation for digital art, graphic design, web design and photography. Whether you’re looking to update your business identity or studying a design course, one-to-one Photoshop tutoring with me is casual and we’ll learn at your own pace and skill level. One-to-one Photoshop tutoring is $60 per hour.

Photoshop Tutoring

Illustrator TutoringIllustrator Tutoring

Create the sharpest graphics, logos and illustrations you’ll ever see with Illustrator, the premier logo and illustration program. My Illustrator tutoring sessions are friendly, casual and informative, with no pressure or big fancy words. I consider every question you ask to be a great question.  One-to-one Illustrator tutoring is $60 per hour.

Illustrator Tutoring

InDesign TutoringInDesign Tutoring

Get ready to produce high quality business cards, flyers, posters and magazine designs with InDesign. InDesign is the premier go-to program for print design. Whether you’re a business owner taking control of your marketing or a design student needing help with assignments, we’ll sit down together and learn at your own pace. InDesign tutoring is $60 per hour.

InDesign Tutoring


Sit down one-to-one with me to learn what you want at your own pace. You’ll tell me what you’re wanting to achieve and I’ll teach you what you want to know. No mucking around, no padding, straight into the juicy stuff. One-to-one tutoring is $60 per hour.

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Via Skype

Chances are you’re overseas or interstate and you can’t make it in person to my location. Skype sessions are just as effective. We’ll be chatting over Skype while I control your mouse on your screen during the tutoring session. Many find it even more convenient to learn at home via Skype. Sessions are $60 per hour.

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Do you learn easier in a group environment? I often run classes on Photoshop, Illustrator, print and web design, illustration and caricature. Get in touch with me to find out what’s coming up and where.

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Most of the time during one-to-one tutoring, I act as a consultant while I teach. Many business owners pick my brains for knowledge on web and print media during the session. The hourly rate for tutoring, $60 per hour, applies to consulting as well. Contact me to find out more.

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