Personal one-to-one Illustrator tutoring.
Learn at your own pace and skill level.

Illustrator Tutoring

Graphic Designer Tasmania

Illustrator TutoringLearn Illustrator at your own pace

Create the sharpest graphics, logos and illustrations you’ll ever see. Whether you’re studying design or looking to create striking promotional graphics, my one-to-one Illustrator tutoring will help you achieve it.

Illustrator does one thing Photoshop can’t. This brilliant software allows you to create amazing logos and imagery that can resize from business card to billboard without any loss of quality. This is perfect for producing high definition illustrations and professional logos. Here’s a simple fact: With Illustrator you can produce some of the cleanest eye-candy designs ever drawn.

My Illustrator tutoring sessions are friendly, casual and informative, with no pressure or big fancy words. I consider every question you ask to be a great question. While we’re in session, you can pick my brains on anything you like.

Why Illustrator Tutoring?

  • Create high quality print designs for eBooks, business cards, flyers, brochures and magazine layouts
  • Learn how to export your design ready for a print run

How much does it cost?

Illustrator Tutoring Pricing: $60 per hour. In most cases, we’ll only need one hour to get through everything you want to learn at the time.

What’s Involved?

We’ll arrange a tutoring session conducted via Skype. I use a program called Teamviewer to view your screen and take control of your mouse during the demonstration. Skype tutoring sessions are popular and convenient as you learn in your own home. It’s just like having me right there next to you.

During our Illustrator tutoring session, we’ll run through the areas of WordPress you’re most likely going to use, depending on what you want to achieve. We’ll work together at your own pace, building on your existing skill level.

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Tane Richardson Graphic Designer

About me

Hi I’m Tane Richardson. I’m easy going and approachably helpful. I’ve been in graphic design for about 8 years and web design for 6 years. I love to teach most of all.

+ 2 year study Diploma of Graphic Design
+ 2 year study Diploma of Multimedia and Web Technology
+8 years industry experience working in teams, studios & freelance


I come from a background of many disciplines, combining graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and photo manipulation to create the most eye-popping results. Services I offer include:


+ image manipulation
+ product photography
+ logo design
+ business card design
+ flyer design
+ poster design
+ digital fillable forms
+ ebooks and pdfs
+ audio editing
+ tutoring


“Tane’s creative skills have taken our website and company identity to new heights. He is always enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation.”

– Brett Carnell, Proprietor

“Tane is pragmatic in his approach to what could work compared to what will just waste money. I really appreciate and totally trust his ongoing help. As such I highly recommend his services to anyone serious about their website and its quality.”

– David Levine, Proprietor
iWire Antennas

“I like his fun, inspired way of working and would recommend him to anyone starting up a project like mine that needs a creative genius.”

– Belinda Rennie, Proprietor
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“I had the pleasure of the services from Tane Richardson from Explode Creative today. Tane is a true professional in his work and a great guy to work with. The tutoring advice he gave was concise and practical. I was never made to feel like the novice and I left my session with solutions to my problems.”

– Glenn Smith, Proprietor
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